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How very strange to be forbidden to take a photo. We do encounter some strange sensitivities as photo bloggers. I have been to the mission, but had no idea there was a cemetery.

I love photographing historical cemeteries; seems a shame this one can't be shared via photographs. I assume you were not trespassing. Were there signs indicating photography is not allowed?

it is unfortunate that it is difficult to share something so interesting. i was definitely not trespassing. there was a sign regarding photography; i assumed it was for inside the cemetery gates. i may have taken a bit of creative interpretation of their request...
on one hand, i do understand that it is a somewhat sensitive spot. it *is* a cemetery, and deserves respect. its age and somewhat unusual location make it sensitive, so i can understand the desire to keep it on the unknown and undisturbed side. on the other hand, i really believe that history belongs to everyone, and it's a shame to keep it hidden away. i chose a picture that i thought was respectful, with no names or identifying characteristics of individual resting places.
thanks for your input.

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